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By Howard Spence. By Marc Morrone. By Janene Gardin. Easy and delicious dish for weekend brunch. Casa de Rosado, E. Mt Hope, Lansing, MI. Most Michigan residents would prefer policymakers prioritize the environment over economic growth, finds a new survey by Michigan State University researchers. Despite delays, the residents of Lansing are looking forward to the opening of the new Golden Corral in Delta Township. Brian L. Metcalf, Ph. It encourages Eaton County school districts to focus on the important contributions to the county and country from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and histories.

Deputy Jenkins works in the Delta Township patrol unit. He saved three people from a burning building. Presented by Sara Frank-Hepfer. These applied biological disciplines are vital to our national and global security and economy, but graduate too few students to meet current and projected workforce demands.

After just 12 weeks of introducing a new medical curriculum to its incoming College of Human Medicine students, Michigan State University is finding that these future physicians are already ahead of the game in their academic and clinical skills. If water rates continue rising at projected amounts, the number of U.

By Tamara El-Khoury Watson. When you spend time with your children, you usually have better results as a parent. Marcus Brown says that parents have a challenging position but it is rewarding too. Darryl spends time with his children at his photography studio, Pure Enchantment.

His son, Dion, 21, is not shown. The City of Lansing initiated winter storm operations early this morning and will continue around-the-clock until city streets are cleared of snow. By Samantha Ofole-Prince.

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There are plenty of questions when it comes to Social Security. Some of the questions and answers are in this article. Memo to all attorneys submitting legal briefs to the U. Supreme Court: Be subtle and your chances of winning go up significantly. As the weather has turned colder, now is the best time for an inspection and tune up of your home heating system by a properly licensed mechanical contractor to make sure your system is operating safely and efficiently to keep you and your family warm all season.

By Amir Risper. LANSING- MI -- College students living away from home should take a few minutes to ensure that they are living in a fire safe environment as they start their academic year at Michigan colleges and universities, as Gov. Living off-campus poses particularly high fire risks that are preventable when young adults know and practice life-saving fire safety measures. Photo by Kenn W. Oftentimes, you can find 9-year-old Angel Travis in the studio with her father, Wiza Phiri, making music.

The following information is preliminary in the investigation. On October 28, at approximately am, Officers were sent to the block of Truman to check the welfare of a resident. Officers developed information that necessitated entering the residence. They are from Owosso, MI.

By Jim Detjen. By Mark Hornbeck. Sunday, October 2, , at approximately 4pm, Ingham County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the block of Old Plank Rd in Onondaga Twp for a subj who had barricaded himself in a residence with a shotgun. By Julie Vandenboom. A grant from the National Science Foundation will allow Michigan State University to explore whether home Wi-Fi systems can preserve the privacy of our aging loved ones while detecting abnormal events in their homes.

If you are at least 60 years of age, are physically unable to attend the polls without the assistance of another, or meet one of the other requirements under state law, you are entitled to vote by absentee ballot.

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In fact, we want to make it even easier for you by placing you on the Permanent Absentee Application List. Kevin loved Christmas. He was 47 years of age in photo with Santa. By Aleshia Keyzer. Great Lakes Folk Festival Schedule. On July 11th, Arab and black activists discussed ideas to increase solidarity. The tournament will be held on Saturday, August 6th. Q: We own an eight-year-old, male Pug, Digger, who is smart, lovable, and extremely calm.

My brother-in-law always loved Digger and bought a male Pug from a breeder. Featured poets:. By Sherry Brantley. Every Vote Counts. Alana Brunson is glad school is out but she is still looking forward to the learning opportunities that summer programming offers. They are serving up Michigan State University Dairy store ice cream this summer. By Carole R. What was your most devastating day or moment in your life? I mean, really life altering, unearthly painful? Did you have to really think about it or is it right there in your every moment? Did you have the opportunity to thank those hearts and souls who helped you navigate those moments?

The warm weather is here and if you plan to celebrate by setting off a few fireworks or giving the kids sparklers, know the dangers and take every safety precaution to avoid injuries. By Greg Schwem. Since , HOMTV has won numerous awards at the state, regional and national level for Overall Excellence in government programming and election coverage. We stay live on air from the time the polls close until all of the ballots are counted and reported at the local level.

It is her first triathlon which is includes a yard swim, 9 mile bike ride and 2 miles in her everyday wheel chair. Jackson attended Indiana State University and earned his B. Communicating effectively involves helping the interviewees and connecting with other media. The program is archived at www. May is electrical safety month.

Joe Joey Bermudez, Jr. Dominic won the title and will box in Ohio at the regional tournament in June. Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan was formed in when 7 councils merged to one. By Jeannine Belton Williams. By Porsche Miles-Grant. The case is unsolved. Natasha Hall, his sister, received a photo with his image added. Hall stated that the photo is perfect because she feels that he is always with her.

Adrian Carrillo sitting in the middle recently treated his young family and friends to a movie. By Dr. Daneen Skube. On Tuesday,March 1, at approximately A. Lansing Police were dispatched to the block of S. Dispatch updated responding Officers the shooting may be on the 5th floor of the apartment building. It is a fantastic, entertaining. Minimalist shoes are shoes intended to closely approximate.

Provided by Sara Frank-Hepfer. Although the social security system allows claims for reduced worker benefits as early as age 62, claiming early may not be your best choice. Fortunately, if you claimed early, you may be able to take advantage of a do-over option that restarts the clock on your benefits. Rosa Parks iconic bus trip changed the course of history in America. Take a trip to Grand Rapids to see the new exhibit. Documentaries can open windows to our past. Through the lens of talented filmmakers, we can re-live iconic moments in history like the March on Washington or climb aboard a Greyhound bus to join the Freedom Riders on their journey through the Jim Crow South.

If your child's school tells you your child has head lice, call your doctor for advice on treatment. Photo by potolia. On a fall day in , Eastern High School opened its doors for the first time to students who were greeted by Principal Dwight Rich. Linda Logan, Gloria Davis and Henrietta Culmer packaged shoeboxes full of food and items for people in need. What does it mean to be bilingual? Simply defined, it is the ability to use two languages. Some people can speak two languages well, but are more comfortable reading and writing in one.

Or one language is spoken at home, or smaller communities, while another is used in all public interactions including school and work. After two of the worst winters ever in many parts of the country, the Car Care Council suggests that motorists take a little extra time now to make sure their vehicles are prepared for the unexpected when weather arrives. Located in Mount Pleasant, Weekley-Dean finds the cafe a perfect place to create. This picture was taken in The Car Care Council recommends that before hitting the road for the holidays, you take a little time to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected to make sure it is road ready.

Utes--Chief Sevara [i. Photo of Craig Lee Knight. Sleeping in graveyards, picking worms off tobacco crops, and battling cultural and familial perceptions—these are just some of the stories chronicled in Memoirs of Black Entomologists, a new book published by the Entomological Society of America ESA. Justine Lee, an emergency.

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  5. A quick breakfast for your student! By Erica N. Nekeyta Brunson has been dealing with alopecia since elementary school. At approximately pm Lansing Police was summoned to the scene of Cedar and Jolly for a hit-and-run accident where a Lansing Firefighter had been struck. Their world changes when they must take custody of his sister's three children. As the sun sets, it comes alive with people and plenty of establishments with live music to visit.

    There are also street performers, plenty of casinos in the area and many places to lounge or eat. Photo by Vito Palmisano. This Octagon house was built in and was under restoration in this photo. What is moisture and what produces moisture in hair? Many curlies believe that the more oil the more moisture! And this my curlies couldn't be further from the truth.

    Yes- they all live together in perfect harmony. Malvin Brewer and his son, 8-year-old, Zavier Brewer enjoying a cool beverage from Speedway after a trip to the park. By Robert C. They say that getting back on track is easy with the right motivation. In Michigan, approximately 1, dairy farm families work to provide safe, high-quality milk and dairy products for us to enjoy. Try these easy to make treats for a party with friends! Taking public transportation is much easier than you may think.

    It saves you gas and the stress of driving in rush hour traffic. You can find out the nearest bus stop to your home and map out a route. You can decide to ride public transportation later and familiarize yourself with the pickup time and the routes. Your first time on the bus, just ask the bus driver if you are going in the right direction. If you ride, give yourself some kudos for reducing pollution. Not having the cost of parking and the walk to the bus stop is also beneficial. For events like combat and sexual assault, these rates are even higher.

    As of September , there are about 2. All riders must be there no later than am. Everyone is invited to participate in this ride. A waiver must be signed. All motorcycles are welcome. The event is free. Washington Square, Lansing, MI By Deborah M. There is a new call to action for dog owners.

    Environmentalist are asking that you pick up after your dog. The waste is a threat to our waterways, drinking water and our health. Edwards, Sr. Courtesy photo. Jalisa Brown dances in a Happendance Spring Concert. Eating from street vendors can be quite an experience in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by fotolia. Left: Photo of Jeremy Orr. By Jacquelyn A. It's estimated that million dogs and million cats are owned in the United States. By Bob Butler. Black PR Wire -- The second half of has been marked by the shooting deaths of four African-American males by local law enforcement -- Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford and Tamir Rice in Ohio -- that have attracted the attention of national media and the federal government, and shined a light on the issue of policing in minority communities.

    Photo by morguefile. By Stephen H. Gross, C. The next article will review limited liability company LLC. Bryan Beverly, a Olivet College graduate, is passionate about his education. Southern Flair City Twist, serves up some righteous tasting Southern and Caribbean food at a price families can afford. Shown above is their Gourmet Black Beans and Rice.

    The search warrant was executed after an extensive undercover operation. Her inspiration is her father Rod Patterson, who also races. Michigan is the third largest producer of apples in the United States. Aubrey Perry was pretty much like any other high school kid. She loved to have fun, laugh a lot, go to the mall and the movies with her friends, listen to music and her favorite pastime — tweeting and texting her friends.

    Edgewood Village youth proudly showing off their graffiti art they created for the community.

    Conjunto and tejano music: the Tex-Mex rhythm of the US | Travel | The Guardian

    There are more than 9. Mary Lou will be missed by many. TNCP Photo. The Lansing- based Sinas Dramis Law Firm, which has only 12 lawyers, was honored to have five of its attorneys included in the most recent publication of The Best Lawyers in America. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Left: Author Stephen King. I've been through quite a bit of therapy, and I believe it is important for me to be honest with my feelings at work.

    The other day I told a coworker he was hurting my feelings, and he just got mad. Isn't the point of mental health to know how you feel? Is there a way to talk about my feelings that doesn't make my situation worse? A young daughter of Campo Rojo admires the setup for the cookout. Austen Brantley , years-old creating during a recent public demonstration.

    He represents people in personal injury cases throughout Michigan. The school provides the community with the opportunity to be educated about legal issues for a minimal cost. The Protect MI Child Registry is a secure database containing protected e- mail, fax, instant message, and mobile text message addresses. It allows Michigan parents and schools to register electronic addresses used by children to access the Internet.

    Photo: istockphoto. Delta Redi-Ride is a curb-to-curb demand-response service that will be available throughout Delta Township Monday through Saturday. With the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, State Fire Marshal Richard Miller today urges consumers to use extreme caution when using any type of fireworks especially the more powerful consumer-grade devices such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, sky lanterns, and Roman candles; and to buy only from state-certified retailers.

    By Rick Garcia. By Sharon Fox. By Frank S. Lansing Police Department has established a website page for cold cases. Cold cases are homicide cases that have not been solved within one year of the date of the crime. Homicide suspect, year-old, Derrick Scott McClure, awaits sentencing. On Tuesday, May 13, at approximately p. Washington in regard to a male subject stuck in the opening of a large metal donation bin located in a parking lot. Gregory Eaton. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Tri-County Office on Aging providing services and support to empower older adults and persons with disabilities.

    In celebration, Tri-County Office on Aging has planned a year of events. The following is a list of dates and times for the events. Experts were on hand at a recent community event to speak about topics from drivers licenses to voting. Photo by Rick Garcia. Arraignment was in A District court in front of Magistrate Millmore on the following charge s. Without a doubt this will be one of the harshest winter on record. He is standing in front of one of the many collages at the factory. On Tuesday, March 4, at approximately p. Martin L.

    While enroute Officers were updated with information that the suspect left. Upon arrival Officers learned the following information:. Within minutes of receiving the intial calls, the center advised responding officers that there was a shooting vicitim at the car wash in the area of Kaynorth and Miller. There are a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them?

    I am in charge of bringing entry-level employees into my company. Our turnover is a thing of wonder. Is there any way to do a better job screening before I make a commitment to hire and end up disappointed? Watching new employees come and go is exhausting! The yellow-rumped warbler is just one of the many insect-eating birds that you can help survive the winter by setting out feeders with suet or mealworm.

    He also bore the scars of being in a forward combat position, sustaining a serious injury during his Afghanistan deployment. Heather Taylor has led her dance group through spirit, movement and peace for many years. They have touched many hearts and minds on a global level. Try one of her delicious recipes! You do not want your tax return to be prepared by a tax accountant without a PTIN. By John Gaudiosi.

    Chente Barrera Performing at Fiesta's Tejano Explosion 2017

    Rick Snyder, state Rep. The new laws require Michigan schools to have at least two epinephrine injectors onsite and have at least two staff members trained to use the devices. The devices provide inexpensive and effective emergency treatment for anaphylaxis brought on by food allergies. By Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr. Patrick's Cathedral Exterior. Tony Pleavin, Dublin Regional Tours. Ella Cowan celebrating years of living life!

    TNCP photo. Cedar Street. She was surrounded by a crowded room of friends and family. She received resolutions from the U. Try It! Throughout the past 18 months five Michigan cases have been linked to three multi-state outbreaks of human Salmonella infections from small turtles. The U. Department of Veteran Affairs has numerous benefit programs for eligible veterans and their surviving spouse. One particular day an older manager named Phil name changed , would do the routing of the pizza deliveries which meant that he would send different orders on the same delivery with one driver. LeRoy Graham of Atlanta, Georgia to help adults and children experiencing breathing difficulties gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their health.

    Starting in January, there were over 5, visits per week, and that grew to over 6, per week by July. We are very gratified that so many people have turned to the website for help. Greater Lansing Clergy Forum led by Dr. Melvin T.

    About this book

    Summer is almost over. Get your grilling in with these two delicious recipes. By Deborah Walker. By Robert Pagliarini,. User Name: Enter your User Name below. Enter your Password below. Articles from Local and State. The emotional role of the parent is built on love, affection, and esteem. But your child is not your friend. And your role as a parent is not just emotional. My daughter and I both have rescue Shih Tzu mixed breeds dogs who have played together for the past four years.

    The title of this article are the exact words, I said after losing everything I owned in an apartment fire and experiencing one trial after another. What else could go wrong? Although, I felt numb, and in disbelief. Q: I work with people who constantly tell me how much they value me but treat me badly. They are late to meetings and don't follow through. Weirdly enough, they also flatter me a lot. How do I figure out how to handle these confusing people. By Jeaninne Belton Williams. But more importantly, bring honor and glory to God.

    What are you hoping for today? What are you seeking God for at this very moment? It takes trust and complete faith that God will bring every one of your dreams and desires into fruition. Enter Captain Marvel to the rescue. We have an year-old dachshund named Schnitzel. Whenever we leave home for more than an hour or so, she pulls down clothes, pulls the Kleenex box off the table and pulls the tissues out or grabs the end of a toilet paper roll and has a grand old time pulling that out too. What can we do? Throughout our history the person who has control over information has been able to assert leadership and control over many of the dialogues and decisions which are most important to us in many of our everyday activities and undertakings.

    When life throws you a curve ball, a challenge, or situation that causes you to lose your focus. Take a step back, examine the situation, from multiple perspectives. And brainstorm solutions and develop a pros and cons list. But more importantly, think logically and not emotionally. This will help you, think clearly and hear that little voice inside of you.

    That little voice inside of you, tells you exactly, how to resolve the issue s at hand. Q: You frequently talk about the benefits of psychotherapy. I am wondering how to find a good therapist and why you believe psychotherapy can help me succeed in my workplace? Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day, I wanted pass along information to assist you to make the voting process as easy as possible as allowed by law, so that your voice can be heard in our democracy.

    You will discover links to:. By Kelsey Schell. Summer is finally here! Unfortunately, pollution can influence how much time we can spend outdoors and enjoy our waterways. Littering is a huge problem that can kill wildlife and marine life. One of the biggest forms of waste littered everywhere is cigarette butts. How about when you borrow money from a friend or relative and you promise to pay them back on payday or when you get your taxes, do you actually repay it? If you have considered learning a foreign language with your child, it is never too late to open the door to foreign language learning.

    A French speaker, author, and educator, Robin Morris-Wilson has conducted research on French language learning in an urban community. Now, she is offering helpful tips for parents who want to bring French language learning into their households.

    Tejano explosion coupon

    Lansing native Tatiana Thomas is a sonar technician surface aboard the guided-missile destroyer operating out of San Diego. Let us know who you think we should "know". Remember they can be someone that you enjoy talking to every single day or the cashier at your favorite store. Contact us at or rinarisper. Log on to www. We all carry it. We push it around or we pull it.

    This kind of baggage travels as well—it travels around your mind, heart, and spirit. Keeping your address up to date with a my Social Security account helps us mail your important documents to the correct place. Upon arrival, officers locate an unresponsive male victim, 27 yrs. The victim was transported to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. Rosenthal Tribune Content Agency. I have a four-year-old American short-hair female cat.

    I got her at 8 weeks old from a friend. The problem is, she scratches my upholstered furniture and rugs. She only does it when I am in the room. I have tried sprays, tape and correcting with a spritz of water. I have various scratching posts, which she is not interested in, even when I put catnip on them. Putting towels over things helps a bit, but she usually finds a way around them. Any other ideas? By Jill Schlesinger. Years ago, I wrote an article that warned people not to place too much faith in their ability to work longer to fund retirement.

    I am finding it difficult to understand who thought this would be a good idea. We have a 30 bed facility around the corner on Willow Street that also serves men. They would like to have a 16 bed facility to add to our neighborhood. As a 28 year resident and business owner it is disturbing. For my birthday on December 27th, I would like for you to consider doing something different. I know that some save all year for material items but I would like you to consider education. Servings: 4. We boarded our pound white German shepherd, for 10 days. A few hours after picking him up from the kennel, we discovered he had fleas.

    The kennel owner said the flea life cycle was 14 days and therefore, my dog could not have gotten fleas during his stay. All higher education institutions encourage students to accomplish a variety of activities in order for them to achieve success in college. Here are 10 commonly expected activities to accomplish, to achieve some noteworthy level of college success.

    It is the time of year for bugs and bites, and I see a lot of kids with bites coming into my office. Parents are extremely concerned that the reaction may be abnormal and lead to breathing issues or that the bite it is infected. My adult daughter and her family have a female lab mix named Scooby. Despite my seeing her three to four times a year they live in Atlanta , she is always afraid of me and will sometimes bark and growl at me. Eventually she calms down and I can pet her.

    Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Posted on March 24, 1 comment. Wow this sounds like fun! Search for:. Conjunto is Life An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later. Tejano Live An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Blending polka and mariachi influences, Conjunto reflects a broad diversity of foreign cultures represented among migrant farm workers. The man who defined the modern bajo sexto was the great Mexican American luthier Martin Macias from San Antonio, Texas, whose instruments are much sought after by bajo players today.

    The Macias family is still going strong with George Macias now following in the footsteps of his grandfather Martin and his father Albert. At the […]. As the bar owner and loyal patrons celebrate at the St. They are the embodiment of the spirit of their […]. Presen […]. Both award- […].

    The 31st annual TCF has attractions for all tastes: the young, the old, and the fusion-minded. I have been going to Donn's for…. Just did the tour of 6th and this place was the highlight of the night. Friendly bartender, decent prices unlike Buffalo Billiards and Nunos ,…. Hole in the Wall has adapted well to Austin- huge patios, great drinks, foosball, and every genre of live music. Gritty yet refined. I recently came here after a couple of years this past Saturday and I'd have to tell you I had just as much fun as I did in the past.

    The drink…. Try a strawberry knockout martini made by the one and only Stife. This guy knows how to make a divine drink! From Business: The Gatsby in downtown Austin is a 's themed cocktail bar with a modern spin. We specialize in craft cocktails and boast an outstanding wine selection and…. Over the past 40 years, Antone's has…. From Business: We welcome one and all to come have a bite, sample our spirits, play a game of hookers or washers, or just sit and relax.