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Howdoes this fit in with Helium 10? We cover the following topics in both formats:. Choose Advertising from the drop-down menu and then choose Promotions. This box should not be checked by default for single-use codes, but always double check to make sure this box does not have a checkmark on it. Under Promotion Status , choose Pending from the drop-down menu if your promotion is currently active, then you will select that. I usually enter more than what I need because, from my experience, you might hand out 20 coupon codes in one day. In reality, however, not all 20 people are going to use them.

Therefore, I typically hand out a little more each day then what I want to be used. The final step is to download the coupons to your computer you may have to refresh your browser a couple of times before the download link becomes available. Before you set up your Facebook Ad and Offer, make sure you have done the following:.

How To Create Coupons On Facebook

When you download the. Simply because it is the single largest social network on Earth and the third most popular website in the world. Establishing your Facebook presence is a strong way to get the most eyeballs on social media. Always keep your own niche in mind, and make selections based on what works for you. This will take you to a page with different categories that you will select from. Remember: keep it short and snappy! Only use the most relevant. For SEO purposes, the first word will have more sway in Google than the other words in your title.

Please know that and avoid it! After that, your page has set! Now you can ask your friends to Like your page and promote your page so you can start to do business here! As you may wonder, promoting in Facebook groups is also a powerful way to get sales. A great way to grab more people to LIKE and FOLLOW your page is to offer great contents to others: promote the products or activities your subscribers are interested in and meet their purchase needs! Try your best to help them save money is the best way to help you to make money!

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Marketing Social Media. The Facebook News Feed is a very crowded place. Consistently create great posts based on what your audience enjoys and finds valuable. Invest a little bit of money in promoting those posts. There are no silver bullets in Facebook marketing, and there is no free lunch. That is where advertising on Facebook comes in. Post Engagement: Use this kind of ad if you want to increase the number of people who see a specific post on your Page.

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Promote a post that already has above average engagement to help nudge it into the stratosphere. DO NOT pay to promote a post that has zero likes, comments, or shares!

How to Create a Facebook Offer

If that post did not work, it is time to move on. Call to Action Ad: Using Facebook Ads Manager , your nonprofit can boost your posts, make your page more visible and get likes, send people to your website, get people to attend your event, or get more video views.

Those are all choices you make in the ads manager. Facebook ads work well when there is a particular goal in mind.

Promote your business and drive more sales with email coupons.

Why are you creating this ad? Who do you want to reach? What do you want people to do? What will success look like? Your ads become a part of the News Feed. It is not like a television ad, where there are scheduled commercial breaks and people fast-forward their DVRs or head to the bathroom. Social media advertising means that your supporters are much more likely to click on your ads and take the desired action. Facebook ads allow you to measure what you are doing. If you buy a billboard, how will you know who saw it, what they thought, and if they called you because of it?

Here are just some of the targeting options available to you when creating your ad campaign:. Custom Audiences : You can upload your contact list into Facebook and target an ad to people who already know you. Demographics: Location, age, gender, language Women are avid donors, so consider targeting them.

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Interests: Choose the interests you want your intended audience to have. Behaviors: Do you want to target users who access Facebook via mobile? Who make purchases online? Who make charitable donations?

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