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As advertised; just boil water add ingredients, close top and wait.

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Delicious beef stew. Best meal I have ever had on a campout.

Excellent choice for emergency preparedness, scouts and family outings. I have had two simular like product in the past, but the one is best in class in design. It has two separate pots and handle that neatly conceals itself. Picture yourself having a stew and another side dish ready when you are, without reheating or even slaving over a stove to begin with. Just start the process and lit the pot do the rest. Pot-luck will never be the same, you will amaze everyone, fresh out of the pot at the Perfact readiness. My wife knows and everyone always compliments her.

Now with two pots I don't know what she will be thinking. I love kitchen gadgets, but end up buying and then they sit.

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This one I will use. There is a learning curve but it does work better than expected. I liked mine so much that I bought one for each of my kids. We are all going to cook something to share for our next outing. I tried my thermal pot for the first time today. We are very pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship.

I following the heating instructions for the Taco soup recipe although I was making Pasta e Figoli, which has similar ingredients. After 8 hours, the thermometer registered degrees F. The meat was precooked, so there was no danger of spoilage. I will need to practice more to get the temperature right. I think I will like this a lot after using it more.

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Bought this cooker to use on our sailboat. I assumed yogurt makers would know this and started to worry when I realized they may not.

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I have owned a Saratoga Jacks for about a year. I just bought this one for my daughter. Yes, it really works as described and I am very happy with it. I have discovered that it is a perfect yogurt maker. That's what I use it for mostly now. Because it retains the heat so well it is ideal for yogurt making. I do 2 quarts of yogurt in the large pan and I fill the small top pan with warm water degrees same temp at the milk with starter.

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Eight hours later - perfect yogurt. I've made 8 or 9 batches now and everyone of them have turned out perfect. Much better than a slow cooker!

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I really like the fact that I heat it up, then take it off the heat for the rest of the cooking. I like that I'm not using energy all day to do that and just feel much safer not leaving something on the stove or plugged in all that time. Everything I've tried so far has been great. This thermal cooker is great for saving fuel and cooking delicious meals. We have it in our preparedness items in case of no electricity as a source to cook with but also use it now.

The company has been great to work with and very fast delivery. It is always good to support a local company. I love the thermal cooker and especially as a source of cooking for preparedness. The service was exceptional and very fast. I purchased the Saratoga Jack's Thermal Cooker to use for parent potlucks during the marching band season--a variation on sports tailgating. Warm food on chilly nights is appreciated by the crew who work behind the scenes helping our kids prepare for competitions.

However, the small portable generator we use is limited in how many slow cookers to which it can supply power. Besides, it's noisy and smelly and uses fossil fuel. Plus, there's a short amount of time to get food ready, meaning we are reheating dishes that start at refrigerated temperatures.

Note: Occasionally Sunday evening reservations may not be available. Come for the food, stay for the fun! Enjoy the game and the beautiful weather outside on our patio. Heaters are also available for those night games. With the opening of Jake's the first ever came the beginning of new things. Jake's of Saratoga was the birthplace for Jake's pizza -- now enjoyed by customers at all of our restaurants. Dough recipes were fine tuned here. Our rich flavorful red sauce was created. Taste tests were held. The votes came in and Jake's pizza was born. Jake's pizza is well known throughout the neighborhood and beyond.